PlayStation 4 , Sony 3 September 2013 14:24

Sony set to go big with virtual reality on PlayStation 4

SONY grand plans in pursuit!

Leave aside the escalation console on the market, SONY has bigger plans! SONY According to news resources here, along with the Playstation 4 wants to make a big splash in the world of virtual reality.

sonyps4650x200 Which had peaked in popularity day by day “Oculus Rift VR Headset” as well as a rival for the SONY PS4 console accessory development in the pursuit of a new generation. Oculus sensations received by the entry into the market in 2014, this device will be competing Rift’in will headset’ine.

Sony’s virtual reality device, the overall context will have the same features as the Oculus Rift VR Headset. According to rumors, the device, and the device is adapted to the vehicle cockpit DriveClub Exclusive PS4 around us allows to us to see three-dimensional. PS4 Gamescom in Germany this year, has decided to introduce this device, but then stated that it had given up on the idea BREAK. In short, our dreams is up next spring.

Finally, the studio head Shuhei Yoshida Gamescom press conference, questions about the device “to talk about this topic.” De specifying that the answer will not.

Thanks: Eurogamer.